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The 20th Annual Meeting
Exhibitor Prospectus
December 5-6, 2015
The Sogo Anshin Center, Kochi, Japan

We hope to see you in Kochi

The meeting is taking place December 5-6, 2015 with numerous daily activities for attendees including lunches and social events.

Stimulating hair regrowth has been considered to be very difficult. However, rapid progress has been made not only in internal medicine but also in surgical treatment like hair transplantations. Furthermore, genetic analysis of some hair disorders has been reported, and the application of regenerated hair may be available for clinical use in the near future.

Therefore , the theme of this meeting is “The bright future of hair loss treatment.” The topics will focus on what is new in the world of hair medical treatment including heredity, androgenetic alopecia, female pattern hair loss, alopecia areata, robotics, regenerations of the hair, and hair transplantations . We also have special sponsorship opportunities that allow for your company’s name and products to have more impact on attendees.
It is a great pleasure for me if what you learned here is some help for your daily practice.

Kochi is a beautiful city surrounded by nature. It is also famous for the great man Ryoma Sakamoto, the pure Shimanto River, and delicious food like grilled bonito.
I’m looking forward to seeing you in Kochi this December.

Event Outline

  • Title: The 20th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Clinical Hair Restoration (JSCHR)
  • President: Ryuichiro Kuwana ( Kuwana Dermatology Clinic, Kochi, Japan)
  • Dates: December 5-6, 2015
  • Venue: Sogo Anshin Center
    1-7-45, Marunouchi, Kochi, 780-0050, Japan
    Telephone: 088-824-8366 ( from abroad: 81-88-824-8366 )
    E-mail: i-shiota@kochi.med.or.jp
  • Registration Fees:

    Members of JSCHR 15,000JPY(JPY Cash Only)
    Non-members of JSCHR 20,000JPY(JPY Cash Only)

    Fees for Workshop :15,000JPY(JPY Cash Only)
  • Target: Members of the JSCHR and Medical personel
    engaged in clinical hair restoration, approx..130 people
  • Timetable
    【December 5】
     Oral Presentation
     Luncheon Seminar
     Educational lecture
     The Executive Board
     Welcome party
    【December 6】
  • Meeting arranged and managed by “Evening Glow”.
    Please contact them for further details.
    1-15-15, Hattancho Kochi, 780-0912, Japan
    TEL: 088-824-2715(from abroad: 81-88-824-2715 )
    FAX: 088-824-9244( from abroad: 81-88-824-9244 )
    E-mail: aki@e-g.co.jp

Application Requirements for Exhibition

1. Term

December 5-6, 2015

2. Venue

Sogo Anshin Center
1-7-45 Marunouchi, Kochi City, Kochi 780-0850, Japan

3. Schedule (subject to change )

December 4 (Fri) 13:00~17:30 /set up
December 5 (Sat) 9:00~17:30/exhibition
December 6 (Sun) 9:00~12:00/exhibition
12:00~14:00/clean up

4. Application Deadline

September 30, 2015

5. Exhibition Booth

Each exhibition space includes the following:

・Back Panel(Name of company is written in Gothic Letters)
・Exhibit table(W180×D60×H70cm/ without cloth)
 Each space has one table.
・Electricity for electrical appliances is available. The cost of wiring work will be 10,000 JPY for 500W, 12,000 JPY for
 1,000W, and additional 4,500 JPY per each 500W for more than 1,001W.
 The wiring will supply 2 socket outlets.
 The electricity in Japan is 100V. See application form.

 Please order equipment, electric power supply using the included application form and then send it by Fax or E-mail.

6. Fee

150.000 JPY per space

7. Transfer

Bank Details
ACCOUNT NAME The 20th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Clinical Hair Restoration
President Ryuichiro Kuwana
ACCOUNT NO. 5109670
* Please collect your changes from the Beneficiary.

8. Contact information

Please apply using the included application form and send it by Fax or E-mail to:
Evening Glow
1-15-15, Hattancho Kochi, 780-0912, Japan
TEL: 088-824-2715 ( from abroad: 81-88-824-2715 ) 
FAX: 088-824-9244( from abroad: 81-88-824-9244)
E-mail: aki@e-g.co.jp
Responsible officer: Aki Toyonaga

PDFFrom Downloads

Data Submission Guidelines

Presentation Format

Please note that for oral presentation, a personal computer(PC) projector with a single screen is available in each conference room.

Presentation Construction

All speakers are requested to bring a CD-ROM or a USB memory stick containing your presentation. In addition, please bring your own laptop computer as a precautionary backup.
Please name your file as follows:
“Presentation number, prsenter’s name”
Ex.OR-1 Thomas Johnson
A virus check of your file must be performed by you before submission.
Only the following types of PC and data format will be acceptable:
Model: Windows XP or later version
Data: Please construct your presentation using Power Point 2003 or later version
<For assistance in making slides (Fonts, Images, and Animations)>
You can use pre-installed fonts in your PC. If you use special characters in your presentation file, you are requested to submit those font data in addition to your presentation file. Use a common format for images such as Jpeg or Mpeg, and the Mpeg format for animations (so that they can be played back using Windows Media Player), and select automatic presentation playback. Make sure that the setting/format are correct. Otherwise the presentation may not be able to be projected.
LCD Projector with XGA Resolution(1024×768) will be available. Although these cases are rare, presenters are requested to switch the resolution in advance if required.

Western Japan, including Kochi, is on 100V,60Hz. The plug type in Japan is type A with two flat blades without a ground pin. The speaker’s laptop computer must be equipped with a D-sub 15-pin output, a standard monitor terminal, as shown below.

D-Sub 15-pin
PC Side(female)
Holes for pins

The speaker is solely rsponsible for their presentation. The moderator and the secretariat will not take any responsibility for problems or failure of individual’s presentation due to inability to follow these guidelines.
Data reception time: Dec 5th (Sat) 8:00am~ Your file (a CD-ROM or a USB memory stick) should be submitted to the reception desk at least 30 minutes before scheduled presenting time. Corrections or changes to files are not permitted at the data rception area.

Before coming to Japan

Every speaker must inform the secretariat of their PC make (Mac or Windows, PC maker and model), and Power Point Version (ex.Sony VAIO PCG-871N, PP 2010) by e-mail. Please bring a backup CD-R or USB memory stick with you to the hall on the day of the presentation in case the original data is accidentally damaged or lost.

On the day (Dec.5th )
Previous arrangements with simultaneous interpreters

08:00am-12:00pm: Please preview your slides and make arrangements with a simultaneous interpreter in the meeting room prior to your session.
The congress site will not be open on Dec.4th . It will open from 8:00am on the 5th .
Further details will be announced later.


December 5 (Sat)

  3F 4F
8:00~8:55   Executive Boad・4F
8:55~9:00 Opening Address 9:00~17:30

Drink corner
9:00~10:00 Oral SessionⅠ「Reseach etc」

・Moderator Kazuo Kishi, MD
10:00~10:45 SymposiumⅠ

「Prospect and research strategy for the realization of organ regenerative medicine of hairs」

・Panel Koei Toyoshima, MD
・Moderator Tomohiro Shirasawa, MD
10:45~11:45 ADERANS Science Symposium
(Cosponsor :ADERANS Co.,Ltd.

「Development of Scalp Care Science to enhance patient wellbeing during chemotherapy」

・Lecturer Nao Tamai, MD
・Moderator Soutaro Kurata, MD

「Renaissance in hair care: Evidence of ADS cepharanthine® for hair growth stimulation」

・Lecturer Shigeki Inui, MD
・Moderator Soutaro Kurata, MD
11:45~13:05 Luncheon Seminar (Cosponsor : MSD Co.,Ltd.)
・Moderator Akio Sato, MD Soutaro Kurata, MD

「The decadal achievements and actual status on the AGA treatment in Japan」
「Algorithmic approach for management of pattern hair loss」

・Lecturer Saito Norimitsu, MD
・Lecturer Dr. Won-Soo Lee
13:15~14:15 Oral SessionⅡ「Treatments」


・Moderator Saito Norimitsu, MD
14:15~15:00 SymposiumⅡ

「Causative gene of autosomal recessive wooly hair/ hypotrichosis」

・Panel Kazumitsu Sugiura, MD
・Moderator Akira Takeda, MD
15:00~15:45 Afternoon Seminar (Cosponsor : GlaxoSmithKline K.K.)

「Oral treatment of male pattern hair loss and perspectives in future」

・Lecturer Ryoji Tsuboi, MD
・Moderator Soutaro Kurata, MD
15:45~16:25 Supecial Lectures

「Minimally Invasive/Traumatic 4D FUE
New Dimensions for Better, Easier FUE」

・Lecturer Dr. Tseng-Kuo Shiao,

「No straight lines in nature」

・Lecturer Dr Jennifer Martinick
・Moderator Kuniyoshi Yagyu, MD
16:25~17:10 Educational LectureⅠ

「Etiology and Treatment strategy for FPHL」

・Lecturer Akio Sato, MD
・Moderator Ryuichiro Kuwana, MD
17:10~17:55 Educational LectureⅡ

「The present conditions and the future prospects of alopecia areata medical care」

・Lecturer Norimitsu Saito ,MD
・Moderator Shigeki Inui, MD
17:55~18:05 Closing Address  
19:00 Welcome party
(The Crown Palais ​NEW​ HANKYU KOCHI​)


December 6 (Sun)

  3F 4F
9:00~9:30 1.

「Diagnosis of hair loss diseases by clinical picture and trichoscopy: Pattern and algorithm」

・Lecturer Shigeki Inui, MD
・Moderator Ryuichiro Kuwana, MD

Drink corner
9:30~10:00 2.

「New topical treatment against eyelash hypotrichosis」

・Lecturer Ryoji Tsuboi, MD
・Moderator Shinsaku Kawada, MD
10:00~12:00 3.

「How to perform precise FUT procedure」

・Lecturer Masahisa Nagai, MD

「Practical FUE technique:The targeting strategy of motorize punch for east Asia」

・Lecturer Young-geun ,Ryu M.D.
・Moderator Yoshinori Ishii, MD